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Luminati design and manufacture using acrylic, Perspex, PETG and Composite panel to create the most amazing and stunning displays. Projects such as this acrylic display use the latest high Gloss acrylic materials to create this type of reception desk display. The display uses colour changing LED's with incorporation of Multimedia displays and sliding drawer units for PC's to give a multi purpose desk unit.


Projects like this are made possible with the use of 3D solid modelling, CAD CAM acrylic routing and the best Perspex fabrication techniques in the industry. Car show room projects and car show room display items are...

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There are many stereotypes of Yorkshire folk that I can confirm are simply not true.

We do not all wear flat caps, nor do we all keep whippets as pets and not all of us are pigeon fanciers

However, one thing that all of us Yorkshire folk love is a good brew, so with great delight I can announce that a little bit more of the ‘North’ has finally arrived in our office with the introduction of Yorkshire Tea.  

Finally we can all have a proper brew!

One happy Yorkshire man! 

Stuart Oldroyd.

The most complex display cabinets can be manufactured in acrylic or more commonly known as Perspex. The reason for this is that acrylic is far easier to process as a bespoke creation. Glass is not easy to post production drill and machine unlike acrylic that can be machined from the flat sheet after it has been cast or extruded. Display cabinets can therefore be machined as one off creations in any shape, scale or configuration.

Luminati Waycon Ltd have produced cabinets for some of the most prestigious addresses in London as well as housing products from the most technological companies to the most expensive product.

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We have seen a huge uplift in the amount of designs we are creating for cosmetic displays.

Luminati manufacture prototypes based around the designs we develop with the customer and then move to production quantities ranging typically from 1 off to 1000 off.

Manufacturing cosmetic display stands from Acrylic or Perspex is the ideal material as it is customisable  and easy to brand very cost effectively.

We have seen displays being designed for  :

·       Skin care product stands

·       Eye lash display stands

·       Cosmetic creams merchandisers

·       Hydration test kits displays

·       Hair...

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Hi-gloss acrylic has a spectacular look and feel to it due to the unique way it has been manufactured. 

An incredibly thin colour pigment sits on just one side of the sheet, allowing light to travel through the clear layer and reflect the colour finish.  This gives an incredibly deep, luxurious feel to the acrylic, with shadows and light reflections adding to the premium finish.

Luminati have incorporated this material into many of our standard products as it is just as versatile and easy to work with as standard acrylic.  Our key holders or iPad display easels can be made in the hi-gloss acrylic for a great look.


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Acrylic is an amazing material, with strength, optical clarity, durability and it is light weight. 

We can make a table in any size so long as it can be produced from a sheet of material measuring no more than 3metres x 2metres! 

We have to find ways of supporting the span, just like bridges have to have supports, either from above (suspension)  or below (arches or pillars).  Suspension is obviously not an option for a coffee table! 

If therefore the size exceeds our standard coffee tables then we have to increase the stiffness by either increasing the material thickness or supporting it from below, with either a stiffener...

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What materials do Luminati Waycon Ltd use? :

·        Acrylic often know as Plexiglas or Perspex

·        Composite Sheet, often known as DiBond

·        Polycarbonate often known as Macralon

·        PETG

·        PVC

·        ABS

·        Wood and MDF

·        Aluminium

·        Steel

·        Foam board often known as...

What technologies do Luminati employ in manufacturing and product design~:

·        Laser cutting and Laser engraving

·        CNC CAD CAM routing

·        3D Modelling with Solid works

·        Line Bending

·        UV Bonding

·        Flame polishing

·        LED lighting for signs, illuminated letters and retail displays

·        Multimedia displays ranging from 2” to...

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