Acrylic more commonly known by trade names such as Plexiglas or Perspex..The material known by its full name PMMA polymer of methyl methacrylate). The material acrylonitrile was discovered in 1893, by a French chemist, Charles Moureau. The material was said to have been discovered by Charles when he had a spilage in the labarotory and noticed the quality of the polymer on the hard floor as it set. However, he did not have any particular use for the material in mind, and  he did not know that this would turn out to be a huge discovery. It was decades before the acrylic fibre was developed into materials such as sheet materials. Over the 20TH century there have been millions of sheets of acylic produced and sold world wide..


Acrylic has been used in aeroplane canopies.due to its lightweight and strength when compared to ordinary glass. The advantage of acrylic is that it can be melted and welded or binded with glues that create a localised melting for binding. More commonly in the last 20 years acrylic has been widely used in the manufacture of aquariums, armoured panels and  vehicle screens and helmet visors. Acrylic is also become far more widely used in display manufacture and retail. The growth in demand for this has been fuelled by the growth in colours and textures of the materials.

Post By Steve Senior