As luminati is a leading UK design and manufacturing company specialising in acrylic products, the durability of the materials used is of real concern as is the ecological impact.  This is why Plexiglas is one of our core materials for many of our display products and installations.  Evonik, the producers of Plexiglas, have released information detailing how their clear products perform much better than other clear plastics in terms of longevity.  The 10 year guarantee of transparency commonly offered by other plastic manufactures seems insignificant compared to Evoniks 30 year guarantee that clear transparent sheets will remain yellow free.

The fact that other panels will need replacing twice within the life of a Plexiglas panel is a huge contribution to conserving resources.  The ecological footprint is further reduced as Plexiglas can be broken down into its original chemical constituents or directly recycled.

As Evonik state “Nowadays, corporate decisions focus on the interests of present and future generations, and on economic, ecological and social concerns. It is with this responsibility in mind that we produce PLEXIGLAS® by means of environmentally sound processes.”


Post By Steve Senior