Well done to the installation team at Luminati for assembling this cabinet in a confined space.

When it comes to bespoke design of display cabinets often size becomes a constraint as the cost can get too high and installation impossible.

This large format Display Cabinet installation was tailor made to fit into a restricted space. The cabinets run seamlessly over a 6 metre span and had to be assembled in situation due to the constraints of access to the building. This display case is designed using  a combination of wood, discreet anodised aluminium fittings and acrylic. The shelves for display cases can also be made in Toughened glass. 

Acrylic / Perspex is often incredibly cost effective for bespoke design and manufacture.

Display case and Display cabinets are designed on a daily basis at Luminati Waycon. Don't hesitate to call and talk to the team.

Post By Steve Senior