The key artistic concept to the Tower of London Poppy Display was the transience of the installation, with the dispersal of the poppies into thousands of homes marking the final phase of the evolving installation. Not suprisingly, all 888,246 poppies, each marking a British fatality in the FIrst World War, have been purchased and are making their way into homes across the UK and beyond. 


We have been lucky enough at Luminati to see and handle one of these iconic poppies, and have had the chance to design a bespoke display cover around the poppy.  Our clean, unobtrusive design features a black or white base, which compliments the red of the poppy perfectly, and a clear acrylic surround, allowing the poppy to be viewed from all angles, unobstructed. 

The display case holds the poppy upright, and offers a secure, safe way to display your poppy.

For each poppy display case we sell, we will donate £2.50 to the Royal British Legion.  

Post By Steve Senior