Standing out from the crowd at trade shows and exhibitions will always be a top priority to ensure you get your brand noticed and make the most from the investment you’ve made in attending. Here are 6 of our tips for building an eye catching trade show booth will guide you along the right path to success!

1. Get Creative! Roller banners and collapsible back drops all have their place, but why not look into building a true digital experience? Digital screens, well thought out lighting and sound can all make a high difference to the impact your trade show stand makes. Digital advertising messages can be shown and integrated into a true customer experience by using interactive multimedia and design. Collect customer data with NFC tags and QR codes.

2. Competitions & Giveaways… Everyone loves a free pen don’t they?! Ok, so maybe that’s become a little old hat, but people love getting something for nothing. Why not modernise your free offering whilst building your social profile by offering competitions, giveaways and more when visitors to your stand click and “like” your social media profiles?

3. Walk it through. Don’t assume your customers are going to see what you see straight away. They may not be aware of your brand and hitting them with a high impact image of just one element of you product or service offering may be misleading. Take a step back from your exhibition display and make sure all your products and services are covered and easy to understand from the off.

4. Brand. It goes without saying really, but your brand is the most important part of your business. The exhibition stand needs to perfectly reflect your brand, not only with the correct use of colour, logo brand and image, but also it should reflect your brand identity and things that are important to you as a business.

5. Atmosphere. Build an atmosphere around your exhibition stand using lighting, colours, shapes, sounds, and even smells! Not only will this attract attention, but also remain in the minds of your potential customers. Remember, they will be visiting a huge amount of stands throughout the time they will be there, so leave a positive impression.

6. Relax. Depending on your type of business or product offering, you may find yourself having long conversations with your customers. Make sure your exhibition stand has a seating area where customers can sit and chat with you in a more relaxed environment, offer them a coffee and have some biscuits on hand – it will be a welcome break for them, and a great opportunity for you to make some lasting contacts.

At Luminati we offer effective, creative and eye catching trade show displays that will help you stand out from the crowds and show the public what your brand is all about. Not sure how your project fits into what we do at Luminati Design? Please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements. Do you have any other tips for building an eye catching trade show booth? Do let us know over on our Facebook page, twitter and Google +!