It gives us great pleasure to announce the appointment of Stuart to the position of General Manager for Luminati Waycon Ltd. As General Manager Stuart will take on the wider remit of managing the whole team and ensure we deliver the business plan for Luminati and the fragmented businesses.


I will be working closely with Stuart on what the business plan entails and ensuring that I can assist the team in delivering their individual parts of the plan. My remit will remain as MD for the business as a whole but I will continue with delivering new products, marketing and account management as a role within the day to day. I will also be ensuring that Mark Fewings is integrated to the business smoothly and efficiently as well as Sarah Gray into her new role.


I will spend more time on the Cut Plastics business to allow Stuart the time to concentrate on the Luminati business. For Stuart he now has the full set of keys to effect the positive changes that he has already started. I will be wishing Stuart every success in this new enhanced role at this very exciting phase of the business development.


Luminati continues to grow and prosper and this is driven by a dedicated team of individuals that are now running the business. I once read an analogy of a business as a bus on a journey. It is a common misconception that a Directors role in a business is about ensuring the bus is heading in the right direction, this is wrong. The directors role in a business is ensuring the right people are on the bus to make these decisions. We are lucky that following these principles has paid dividends along the way and the appointments today and in the past have been the right ones. A great team, for which we are thankful.

Post By Steve Senior