Here at Luminati we’ve based our business around the versatility and usability of acrylic, creating a range of high quality, long lasting products for all sectors. From retail displays to furniture for the home, acrylic can be used to create sleek, smooth objects that are great to use and look impressive. We always aim to push the boundaries and have a number of product lines that cater to the needs of numerous businesses and individuals.

Photo frames, display cabinets and brochure stands are all great uses for acrylic but there is one way it can be used that does not always come to mind. As a smooth, easy to clean and hygienic material, acrylic is perfect for use around food, whether it’s pick n mix stands, display counters or even cake stands. Traditionally thought of as pretty ceramic displays, a new generation of stands has been created using clear or coloured acrylic to produce tiered, eye-catching displays.


But what is it that makes acrylic so good for displaying food and confectionary? First up, it’s an incredibly strong material and all of our products are made with thicker 5mm acrylic to ensure they stand up to regular use. As this thickness is uniform across the whole layer of acrylic, it provides incredible strength and ensures that a number of cakes can be balanced on each level of a stand.

The main property of acrylic that makes it so attractive to many people and for multiple uses is its incredible clarity. When increasing the thickness, acrylic will remain clear regardless to create a high-end look that cannot always be achieved with glass. And because of its clarity, any cake stand or other display unit can easily be made into an eye-catching display with the use of a few LED lights.

Our cake stands are largely used for professional purposes and important occasions so we always make sure they are finished to the highest standards. Part of this involves polishing the edges so that they are smooth and clear, matching the rest of the cake stand. Other cake stands that are available may not have this lustre around the edge and are often supplied with slightly rough edges that ruin the look of the overall product.

We pride ourselves on producing high quality display items on a consistent basis and have years of experience working with acrylic. Whatever your needs, we can provide a ready-made or bespoke service produced to the highest standard.

Post By Steve Senior