Have you ever admired the illuminated cubed back bar display behind the bar of the night club in Eastenders?

There is nothing like putting your feet up after work and enjoying a bit of Eastenders!  Unless you are one of our dedicated team at LUMINATI who has noticed that the back bar lit cubes that create the back bar of the R&R Night Club in Albert Square can be found on Luminati website as part of our backbar displays.  The trouble is that once Tracy shared this with us, non of us can watch Eastenders without looking for them!  


And for those that don't know the club, currently named the R&R club was opened in 1996 but has had five other names since it first opened.  If you know any of the previous names let us know!!





But back to the illuminated back bar cubes that are also popular as retail display cubes and are available in two sizes 43cm and 73cm.  Sold separately the cube displays can be stacked to provide large attractive retail and backbar shelving whatever your taste in soaps.


Dum dum dum dum...... (for the soap fans!)


Post By Tracy Senior