Our sister company, Waycon Design, who operate under the umbrella of Luminati Holdings Ltd, are the official UK distributors of Terra Universal Products.  Terra Universal is the leading expert in critical environment applications,  with 40 years of design & fabrication experience in cleanroom and laboratory based industries.   Along with the impressive product range from Terra, Waycon Design manufacture a large range of products for the industrial sector including:- ·        Electrical Guarding ·        Cleanroom Solutions ·        Desiccator Cabinets ·        Heating / Drying Cabinets ·        Product Dispensers ·        Dry Storage Cabinets ·        Production Line Hoppers   Terra’s product range invludes:- ·        Chairs & Stools * Pass-Throughs ·        Fan/Filter Units * Cleanroom Equipment ·        Glove Boxes * Laminar Flow Hoods ·        Vacuum Chambers * Benches & Workstations ·        Storage & Shelves * Heat & Vacuum Sealers ·        Air Showers & Tunnels ·        Desiccators & Dry Box ·        Laboratory Equipment ·        Modular Cleanrooms ·        Safety Equipment   For further information visit www.waycondesign.com

Post By Steve Senior