We are very excited to be including several new ranges of products which take technology a little further and alter our understanding of passive and active media.  


Our involvement in Near Field Communications and the Enlighten project is something that we feel will revolutionise retail advertising and customer engagement.  In fact "engagement" is what will set the enlighten frames aside from traditionally passive advertising, however more of Enlighten later as it is the developments in other areas of advertising displays which have provided us with some incredible additions to our digital screens and digital poster displays.


Digital advertising screens and digital posters are very popular and familiar in all retail and recreational environments but what might traditionally have been seen as passive media devices is changed on two levels by the advances the technology offered in our new range of screens.  





On one level the introduction of improved touch screens to our range of rich media displays makes large high quality screens affordable and popular as point of sale engagement devices.  Thanks to the iPad and other tablet devices, consumers are swipe, wipe, slide and tap savvy.  No longer is the device a thing of wonder we are customers and consumers who are not afraid to engage, explore and navigate in a way we would not have seen a few years ago.  I am sure all of us have been to shows and exhibitions and give a screen a discreet tap just to see if it is interactive only to find its just a passive device cycling through still images on a loop.  


Our new range have touch screens comes is a variety of sizes including touch tables with integrated computers which are amazing educational and marketing tools offering rich media engagement that makes an iPad look dated.  We can see this type of large (and very large) touch screen being used in car showrooms to drag and drop colours and finishes to car interiors, in the retail sector to explore product ranges and slide twist and resize images and video of clothing items to create outfits and in an educational or visitor attraction environment where users can engage and and interact with the media to further their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. 


We will also be listing outdoor and weatherproof screens with built in temperature control units so that they are able to continue to deliver information in whatever the weather throws at them and, looking forward to a long and hot summer, these screens are brighter and more powerful so that they can continue to deliver information in bright sunny conditions!  


As part of our new range of screens there are some beautiful and high quality screen for advertising to customers and informing visitors.  These include large landscape and portrait format screens and freestanding digital displays.  With each of these screens the basic function of uploading images for a slideshow or video content is easy and foolproof, however, from a marketing perspective the connectivity offered by means of internet enabled screens either by means of LAN connection or the introduction of 3G Sim cards means that the ability to control the content of these screens can be done remotely form any location with internet connection.


On this level these screens become powerful methods for informing and selling as the software we provide will enable marketeers and content providers to upload images and video, ticker tape text, live feeds and marketing messages, able to display all on one screen, and then to control the time that the content changes.  The number and location of these screens can be virtually limitless with every screen showing different and unique content.  


For large retail environments these means that keeping content fresh and targeted through a large store is something that can be done centrally from within one store or across many stores and controlled from head office.


So these digital screens are making the jump form passive displays to active either through the ability for the user/consumer to interact directly with the device or through enabling the content provider to control, time and vary content for all their screens from almost anywhere in the world.


Post By Steve Senior