Wherever we look there are award ceremonies, conferences and lectures taking place in venues large and small, and in almost all cases the speaker shares centre stage with a lectern.

These simple angled structures offer a conveniently-located support for the speaker’s written material and often support for the speaker themselves! They provide a confidence-building and comforting barrier from the audience and in masking the speaker’s lower body the audience can better concentrate on what is being said.

As the lecterns can be branded, the audience can be left in no doubt whose hospitality they should be grateful for.

Subsequently these logos will be replicated many times over, when photographs of the event hit the social media sites.

Ever since the medieval pulpit benefitted from a set of steps to increase the preacher’s height and candles to help them see, the latest technology has been able to be applied to these welcome supports, further adding to their usefulness.

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Post By Steve Senior