How to display your products to generate better sales

Thursday, 31st of August 2017

Stacking your products in a generic shelving unit, or investing time in great visual merchandising can be make and break for a business, especially a new emerging brand trying to make their mark on a new market.    Visual Merchandising has the ability to

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Lego® Display Ready For The Manchester Brick Show

Thursday, 1st of September 2016

Our display cabinets are one of our most popular products as they can be used for a multitude of purposes from displaying models, new products and even food. Made from clear acrylic they offer great visibility of the product, they can be cleaned easily and

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Monday, 4th of April 2016

A fantastic take on the traditional lectern which features a branding panel on the front for your logo to be applied.  This beautiful lectern combines the strength and natural aesthetic qualities of wood with the premium high gloss qualities of acrylic. 

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LED Lighting

Monday, 7th of March 2016

We often work with LED lighting in our designs due to the distinct benefits this type of lighting offers.  From dramatically reduced energy consumption to the many different colour options available they’re brilliant, versatile products.  Did you know

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Luminati Expansion

Monday, 8th of February 2016

Luminati are pleased to announce that our capacity is set to expand dramatically within the coming week with the opening of a new office address in London.  To accompany this exciting development, we are also extremely pleased to announce a new, dedicated

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