How to display your products to generate better sales

Thursday, 31st of August 2017

Stacking your products in a generic shelving unit, or investing time in great visual merchandising can be make and break for a business, especially a new emerging brand trying to make their mark on a new market.    Visual Merchandising has the ability to

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Cosmetic Display

6 versatile product launch displays that won’t break the bank

Thursday, 28th of April 2016

It’s sometimes hard to judge whether to go full throttle into a product launch and plough your entire budget into a display system, or take a more softly softly approach.  We are here to help no matter which option you choose.  For a high impact product

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Our Top 5 Retail Merchandising Tips!

Tuesday, 12th of April 2016

How exactly do you stand out from the crowd when the crowd is getting bigger, more diverse and a little more boisterous?! Follow Luminati Waycon Ltd’s top tips to create a retail merchandising display system that will put the others to shame (what others?!)

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LED Lighting

Monday, 7th of March 2016

We often work with LED lighting in our designs due to the distinct benefits this type of lighting offers.  From dramatically reduced energy consumption to the many different colour options available they’re brilliant, versatile products.  Did you know

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Monday, 1st of February 2016

Our new Exhibition Showroom Display unit encompasses both beauty and functionality.  Available in various sizes, each display can sit individually or together to form a full advertising area.  With clear poster traps, advertising material and posters are

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