The freestanding peg board display stand was created as a solution for a client with specific point of sale requirements.

The customer required a cost effective, light weight unit to display small accessories in their retail outlets. 

The unit was designed using high tech materials to provide the strength without it looking heavy and overbearing. 

The pegboard was created from aluminium composite and the side panels from PETG to provide a clear view from both sides. 

The base plate was produced in melamine coated MDF to provide a rugged and stiff element to ensure the units have a long service life in the retail environment.

Luminati enjoy working with clients and creating new product designs which meet their specific requirements. We are able to then manufacture the displays in house to ensure that the project is managed by the team from start to finish.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements for a product merchandiser or point of sale display stand.

Post By Steve Senior