Here is an example of a great product design which has exceeded the brief and provided a perfect solution to the customers POS display needs.

This pen display holds over 10 different types of pens, in various colours.  The unit itself is 4 sided and sat on a spinning base allowing customers to browse the range freely. 

In each level, clear dividers have been slotted to hold the pens in place neatly, and each pod contains these dividers in various configurations to suit the pen being displayed.

The unit is also very easy to merchandise with new stock simply just slotting into place.

Finally, with the engineering side covered, the aesthetic side of the design is also a great success - it looks spectacular! Designed from black material the logo jumps right out at you, leaving no question as to the brand identity!

Yet another success story of bespoke engineered design at Luminati Waycon Ltd.  

Post By Steve Senior