With a huge selection of lecterns available from Luminati, choosing the right one for both your venue and presenter is key.


Here are our tips on selecting the best lectern for you…


  • Tradition or Modern? – A range of materials are available from woods to acrylic and combinations of both.  Traditional designs which incorporate woods are often very popular in more traditional settings such as churches and for use at clubs and societies.  The more modern look that comes with high gloss acrylics are extremely popular for use in many situations such as conferences, School and University lecture halls and theatres and can also suit exhibition use
  • Portable or Static? – Lecterns are usually available with or without castor wheels on the base.  If your lectern is going to be used in one location then wheels shouldn’t be required, and will help in ensuring the lectern doesn’t get repositioned by anyone and will remain in place.  If you are required to use the lectern in multiple locations, or moving from hall to hall, castor wheels are extremely useful and can be locked into position when in use.
  • Logo or no logo? – Printed logos can be added to almost all our range of lecterns.  Adding print is a great option for businesses looking to promote their brand, or for churches to display their crest.  Full colour print will add a great impact and offer a completely corporate solution.  On the other hand, if the lectern will be used at a corporate event or by multiple speakers it’s a good idea to forgo the logo and leave it blank to avoid any confusion.  An increasingly popular way to display a selection of logo’s is to build in a digital screen at the front of the panel which can display the logo of any speaker at any time.
  • Integrated Technology – A huge selection of optional extras are available with our lecterns, including built in microphones, tablet devices, right up to full integrated multimedia systems, allowing the lectern to connect to the technology on offer on the stage.  Connect to external projectors or integrate with the sound system – the possibilities are endless!
  • Shelving & Shelf rests – If your speakers often use laptops or require a large shelf area for tablet computers and accessories, make sure you choose a lectern with a wide shelf area to accommodate for all the items required on stage.  If your speakers rarely take items on stage with them, or just use an A4 folder then the smaller lecterns will be suitable.  Lots of speakers like the comfort of having a shelf area to hold a bottle of water or various prompts they may require.
  • Privacy panel – Depending on the design, some lecterns offer privacy panels at the front of the display, obscuring the lower half of the speaker with either a frosted panel, or a completely solid panel.  Some speakers find comfort in this feature so it’s always something to consider when purchasing a lectern.

Check our our full range of lecterns here: www.luminati.co.uk/lecterns