Have a search through Pinterest for the latest home trends and the one thing you’ll come across again and again is the trend for gallery walls.  Gallery walls are a fantastic way to not only display your favourite photos or artwork but to also create a stunning feature wall at the same time.


There are some lovely design ideas out there using a variety of style and colour wooden frames, but we’ve taken that next step forward and created a stunning gallery wall using acrylic photo frames.


The photo frames create the illusion that your photo’s are floating away from the wall, which creates a unique and beautiful display.  The satin silver wall mounts bring a strong and modern feel to the frames, whilst holding each piece of crystal clear acrylic 25mm away from the wall.


Here’s our little “How to” guide for creating the perfect Acrylic Photo Gallery Wall.


Here’s what you’ll need…

  1. A sharp pencil
  2. A tape measure
  3. A spirit level
  4. Screws & screwdriver
  5. A helpful friend to lend a hand!


Here’s what to do…

You wall

Take a quick measurement of the space you have available on your chosen gallery wall.  This makes it a lot easier to plan out how much room you have and what size frames you can fit in the space.


Your frames

Check out https://www.luminati.co.uk/wall-mounted-frames/ and choose your favourite photo frame design & colour.  Each frame comes in a large selection of sizes so you’ll be sure to find what you need.  If not, then click through to our made to measure frame page https://www.luminati.co.uk/poster-frames/Made-to-Measure-Acrylic-Frames/ where you can enter your own sizes for a completely custom frame.


Taking into account the space you have available, choose a selection of size frames that will fit nicely into the wall space you have.


Plan your design

Mark an area out on the floor that is the same size as the wall space you have.  This isn’t as bad as it sounds, use some masking tape or we’ve placed books in a rectangle or even a pair of jeans to mark out space! Within this space, place your frames in a design you’re happy with.  For those of you who like a bit of order, try and keep the space between the frames the same, for example a 40mm gap between each frame.  For those of you who prefer a bit of chaos – go crazy and mix up the spacing! Top Tip: Try not to put anything dead centre, it will take away from the natural disorder your trying to create, and may steal the show from all your other pieces!


Once you’re happy with your layout take a quick picture for reference.  Depending on how accurate you want to be, you can measure the distances between the frames and jot this down in a note book.  If you’d prefer to do it by eye that’s fine.


Make it happen

It’s usually easiest to fit your largest frame first, then space the other frames around this.  Each acrylic photo frame has two pieces of acrylic that sandwich your image inside.  Carefully place one of the panels of your largest frame on the wall and using a spirit level ensure the frame is completely straight.  Holding it in place, use your pencil to mark the very centres of the four wall mount holes.


Depending on your type of wall, you may need wall plugs, or plasterboard fixings (ask a local tradesman if you need some advice).


Here is a brilliant video showing you how to fix a frame to a wall using the wallmounts:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYNy25tCxdw


You will see in the video that the wall mounts come in three pieces.  The threaded base screw section, the central shaft, and the front wall mount screw cap.  Take the threaded base screw section and your screw.  Screw the base screw section securely to the wall, in each of the 4 fixing places (on larger frames there may be more than 4 wallmounts so please fix all mounts supplied).  On a side note, we have an amazing selection of different coloured wall mounts, including Rose Gold! Check them out here 


Once these are in place, you can screw the central shaft down onto each of them. The easiest way to fit your picture inside the acrylic is flat.  On a table or work surface, pull the acrylic panels apart and place your image centrally onto the bottom acrylic panel.  Put the other acrylic panel gently on top, making sure your picture doesn’t move.  Now this is when your friend will come in handy…!  Hold the acrylic frame securely and place against the fitted wallmounts.  Line up the holes and screw the front wall cap screw into the shaft on every mount.  These will hold the acrylic panels securely in place.  Top Tip: Always ensure the panels are held together tightly or your image may move inside.  Fit the top then bottom mounts first to provide support at the top and bottom.


Once you’ve got your first frame on the wall, follow this process for the rest, either using your measurements or going by eye.


You’ll have a beautiful acrylic frame gallery in no time and you’ll be the envy of your friends!