Stacking your products in a generic shelving unit, or investing time in great visual merchandising can be make and break for a business, especially a new emerging brand trying to make their mark on a new market.    Visual Merchandising has the ability to transform your brand into something desirable, stopping potential customers in their tracks and encouraging engagement.


Here are some great tips to improve your display systems and generate those extra sales you’ve been waiting for!


  • Know your customer – You’ve already invested time and money into ensuring you know your target market, now you need to apply that knowledge to ensure you are effectively aiming your product merchandising to this market.  If your items are being featured in a department store, or retail premises outside your control, ensure your product has been placed in the correct position and in the correct department of the store.  Check your product display will appeal to your target market in terms of look and feel from colour ranges to size and shape.  A child’s toy would gain no traction if positioned on a grey point of sale display at adult eye level!
  • Match your merchandising to your brand identity – make sure your merchandising units meet the look and feel of your product range.  If you have an electronics product that houses the latest industry tech’, your display unit needs to reflect this.  A great example would be our Point of Purchase displays which allow complete customisation and can incorporate digital advertising screens, LED lighting and more. CLICK HERE
  • Easy reach equals better sales – Think about the proximity of your products in relation to where your customer is.  Floor standing displays can have great impact, but don’t stack your products on shelves that go right down to the floor.  Customers like to be able to see, touch and feel items within arm’s length.  They won’t want to crouch down, or tip-toe to see items.  Floor standing displays are a great way to promote items at eye-level, and we often build in storage solutions at the bottom of the unit for items to be stored and accessed by staff only, freeing up advertising space at the bottom of the unit.
  • Change it up – Keep your display fresh by making alterations such as the position or order of products on a display, changing advertising messages or completely repositioning the display unit.  After 6-12 months even the best designed display systems will no longer be fresh and new to a regular customer base.
  • Knowledge is key – Once you’ve hit the mark with your visual merchandising, the final step is to ensure your staff have the best product knowledge around.  It’s great that your products are looking fantastic, but if a customer needs help or has questions on an item and the team aren’t able to assist, any product confidence can be shattered in an instance. Make sure your team are at the top of their game and know every product inside out – and can deliver their knowledge clearly, and with genuine excitement!

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