From school assemblies to large scale business events, Luminati Waycon Ltd offer a complete range of solutions including multimedia lecterns with digital technology and microphones built in, to large branded business lecterns.  Our lecterns and podiums have become some of our most popular products, and here’s why!

1.     Privacy – depending on the design you opt for, our lecterns and podiums offer a privacy screen between the presenter and audience.

2.     Our lecterns guarantee a professional look to any speech or conference, being made from high quality acrylics and woods.

3.     Branding is available on almost all our lecterns and podiums, or we can even offer a colour matched unit, allowing for additional advertising and brand promotion at your event.

4.     A selection of our lecterns are available with adjustable heights so the lectern top can be adjusted to suit the users needs.

5.     We can offer additional shelving to allow for a glass or bottle of water to be placed, so dry mouths are no longer!

6.     Digital screens, iPads and tablets can all be built into our displays.

7.     Some of our lecterns are available with castor feet, or can be purchased with a moving base panel, allowing for easy portability.

8.     LED lighting can be added to our lecterns for maximum impact.

9.     Lockable storage is available in our larger lecterns and podiums allowing for a secure storage area with easy access.

10.  Our lecterns can be build for any environment with a choice of many different materials including acrylic, wood, steel, aluminium and more.

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