It’s sometimes hard to judge whether to go full throttle into a product launch and plough your entire budget into a display system, or take a more softly softly approach.  We are here to help no matter which option you choose.  For a high impact product designed specifically around your product and brand visit our Design Page for information  If you’re taking the second approach, we have a fantastic selection of standard items available off the shelf which can offer impressive product launch platforms without the cost of a bespoke design service.  Here’s our top 6 versatile product launch displays:-


Product Glorifier Unit

A simple yet incredibly effective product glorifier made from clear acrylic throughout.  It consists of a highly polished thick acrylic base panel, with a poster trap forming the back panel, allowing you to quickly and easily add your marketing information and update as often as required.  The back panel can be removed for ease of transport, and simply slots into place when in use.  Most impressive is that this unit starts at just £10.25 + VAT*

*prices correct of 08.04.2016


Illuminated Display Plinth

With bright white LED’s throughout, the LED Illuminated display plinth makes a big impact drawing immediate attention to the unit and the product placed on top.  The unit is made from frosted acrylic and allows for perfect light distribution for a soft glowing display.


Cosmetics Merchandiser Display

A beautiful, delicate display great for displaying a range of products in a product launch.  Although bring popular with cosmetic items, it can be used for almost any small product.  Similar to the glorifier unit, the back panel is a poster trap allowing for marketing materials to be added and changed as frequently as required.


Illuminated Display Plinth

A floor standing display plinth made from white acrylic to compliment almost any brand requirements.  The top panel display area can hold many different types of items, along with small acrylic frames for advertising materials to be placed inside.  There is a beautiful soft glow around the edge of the top shelf panel which draws attention to the display and offers a high end feel.


Plinth Display Case

For those high end items that require a secure locking display, the Plinth Display Case is a perfect option.  It features a beautiful, elegant design made from white acrylic with a large clear cabinet at the top and 4 directional lights to perfectly illuminate your product.  Secured from behind, your items is safe but is easy to remove or replace with a new item.


Shelf Merchandiser Display

Another design great for displaying a range of products such as cosmetics or toys.  The display sits on a pre-existing shelf and has a lip at the front to allow for a ticket strip for prices or marketing information to be added.  Available in various sizes and colours, it’s a great cost effective solution for a new product range launch.



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