Engaging an audience through your retail setting is critical to a positive customer experience and improving this aesthetic can contribute to sales. Having a professional looking store and retail space can help develop the customer’s idea of your brand and Luminati consistently help deliver these products to high-end clients.

The term ‘Retail Theatre’ is now frequently used by large retailers as brick and mortar stores are consistently competing for sales in an advancing marketplace. Attention and engagement can be directly correlated to sales and to have digital screens and interactive displays can be the leading factor in conversions. Incorporating these modern elements can enhance your brand's professionalism and increase positive customer experience. Luminati tailors these displays to your brand's image and combines contemporary design with eye-catching displays. Despite this trend of e-commerce, the one element virtual stores cannot replicate is a true experience and having compelling staff with appealing retail settings to help triumph other traditional sale stores.

So, what’s the benefit to modern displays? Creating immersive experiences will connect consumers to your brand and improving the retail theatre completely changes the buyer-seller dynamic. Digital and interactive displays give innovative and multi-sensory experiences that separate your brand from others using basic displays. Generating unforgettable displays will develop shopper experience and put your brand at a clear advantage. Investing in modern technologies to help market your brand is a clear trend that isn’t going to come to a halt anytime soon. Many huge global companies are investing in these concepts to expand their lasting impressions on to buyers.

Luminati’s design team are at the cutting edge of trends and with a large number of brands working with us we deliver on any type of design with a multitude of materials. Natural elements are currently on trend with organic wood, stone and granite finishes all being desired by top retailers. Nature-inspired hues and textures bring touches of the outdoors and changing displays through interchanging seasons, this can help keep customers entertained with new altering displays.

Luminati have worked with a vast number of clients such as Coca-Cola, Kia, and Chanel, providing them with completely bespoke displays which reveals our versatility to brands and our creative nature. Our flexibility and on-trend ideas help push us to the edge of display design and our ability to work with all types of clients, companies, and materials means we can deliver these types of retail settings to all types of businesses.