Avoid those mistakes that are commonly made in visual merchandising with our top 5 areas to identify and solve before they become a bigger issue. Knowing what could go wrong will help you to execute a perfectly planned visual mechandising campaign.

Too many products

Don’t over merchandise – too many products and your customers will feel lost and confused.  Pick your top products and merchandise them effectively with enough free space to allow for customers to take in each product individually.  Make sure each product has an effective display system with suitable branding and sales messages.  Differentiate between brands by ensuring each merchandising display is unique to them.

Too few products

Large gaps and big empty spaces will leave your customers feeling empty inside…  Make sure your merchandising spaces do not have large gaps, or big spaces between brands.  Empty spaces are uninviting and make customers think you’re struggling, or don’t have many products to offer.

No connections

Keep everything connected and create a “pathway” through the store.  If you have a beautiful window display, make sure this is reflected in other parts of the store so customers who were attracted by this display will easily see where it is in-store.  Lead your customers through the store by creating visual pathways between brands and promotions and connect everything with a common theme or message.

No call to action

Your customers have been attracted inside, great! But what now?  Make sure you have call to actions, from product promotions and points card schemes to product features and latest innovations.  Your customers need a reason to purchase and want to know their getting a good deal, so make sure it’s clear with promotional messages throughout.  Acrylic frames are a great way of updating your promotional message so it’s relevant to each brand.


Revitalise your visual merchandising displays out of hours – nobody wants to see empty shelves and clutter when they’re trying to shop.  Keep the clutter of shelving systems and Point of Sale promotional tickets out of public view until it’s merchandised and ready to go.

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