Nearly every shop nowadays has a visual merchandiser to some capacity, as when it comes to designing the interior layout of your store, it means more than what you might first think. It's actually been proven that how your shop is laid out can influence customer's buying behaviours and their attitude towards the shop. Because your retail layout is so important, we want to let you in on our top 10 retail layout secrets!

1. Create a striking window display that attracts attention and draws customers in. Your window is your first point of contact with potential purchasers so needs to reflect your offering in a concise, informative way, without forgetting to create that impact!

2. Be inviting. Try to avoid high racks at the front of the store and ensure your displays look their best. High racks and messy POS at an entrance will be immediately offputting. Keep the opening, light, airy and free from clutter.

3. Create a natural path around your store and encourage customers to follow it. Studies show that most customers will look left, then right and continue walking to the right. Use this to your advantage and create a layout that encourages your customers to continue throughout the store. Remember, the longer they are in store, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

4. Design your store to suit your customer base. If your marketing a high end fashion brand aimed at women 40+, loud heavy music would not be as appreciated as it is for a high-street fashion brand aimed at teens. Research your market and target your brand image around your customers.

5. Select the right retail POS. If your store offers the latest in home technology make sure your POS reflect the brands perfectly to create reassurance amongst your customer base.

6. Make the purchasing process as simple as possible. Your till points should come naturally at the end of your store layout, if they come in the middle shoppers may be encouraged to make their purchase without seeing your entire offering. Make the process quick, easy and friendly.

7. With multiple payment options becoming available, research the best to suit your needs and brand. NFC, Apple Pay and contactless should all be considered as the shopping experience in modernising daily.

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