Cycle to Luminati

Watch out Mamil’s on the road!

I first saw the anachronism MAMIL on a mountainbike website forum, Singletrackworld.


Around this time of year the roads seem so have an abundance of Middle Aged Men In Lycra, (MAMIL) sporting team colours & riding the latest bikes. While a slightly derogortory name it does reflect the way cycling has gained a resurgence in the UK. With Bradley Wiggins, Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton & current Tour de France cyclists Mark Cavandish & Chris Froome leading the way, it’s all good. Just swing your leg over the bike & pedal!


 There are a number of cyclists in Luminati & with the cycle to work scheme, helping our greener aims, it has an effect on both Design & production. Fitter, lively, more active workers & time to mull over design & maybe problems to be solved while cycling.

It’s no wonder that there’s a quote attributed to a great mind…

“I thought of that while riding my bicycle”. ~ Einstein, in reference to the Theory of Relativity