How to properly apply illumination in retail

Shedding light on your products might seem simple enough, but there is a lot more to just placing a light inside your retail display. If you haven’t read our previous blog that covers the benefits of illumination, you can find it here.

Wine of the Month are a passionate company that drives to bring affordable fine wines of distinction to the UK. They got in touch with us requesting a solution that could hold bottles that would be showcased for their wine of the month. The challenge was to build a custom-made display that would give a clean and premium look that would be able to work in a dark environment and withstand any spillages. The first step was to make sure the unit was protected from splashes and to do this we manufactured the unit with sturdy acrylic to resist spillages and make cleanup easy. The second step was making sure that the display unit could be seen in dark environments for this, illumination was the perfect solution.

With our vast experience in retail display, we know that effective illumination can ensure your displays are more eye catching than the surrounding competition and ultimately boosting product sales. With this information we approached Wine of the Month and presented examples of different illumination to see what would fit their brief and requirements best, explaining how each type of lighting could create different effects.

Top illumination

Top illumination is great for projecting light down onto a product within a display case or under shelving, it can highlight the features on your product to make them even more visible to customers. Illuminating a product from the top adds plenty of ambience

to the unit, giving it a lot more presence in the retail store environment, of course this does also depend on the product. For instance this illuminated back bar bottle display perfectly executes lighting from the top, using the professional LEDs to power the signage on top of the unit and to brighten the bottles on display, lighting was a perfect choice for this unit because of the glass bottles catching the light this provides a very premium feel to the unit.

Spot illumination

If you want more control over your lighting or want to highlight features on a product or even illuminating more than one item held inside, Spotlighting is the best choice for you. It can be found within most of our standard illuminated retail display cases. As previously mentioned the lighting can be controlled a lot easier with the hinges the lights are attached to. Our plinth display case is a very attractive and versatile unit that can securely hold your key items and with the four polished chrome LED stem lights for both illumination and design, make sure your product is illuminated and stands out. The LED stem lights can be added and removed to suit you ideal levels of illumination.

Accent illumination

Illumination doesn’t always have to be directly on your product to have the same eye-catching effect, Illuminating the display itself with accent lights can still make your display stand out from the crowd. One of our personal favourites is the illuminated retail plinths with subtle LED lighting that creates a premium feel for the product displayed because of the clean and minimalist design. Even though the illumination isn’t directly aimed at highlighting the product there is still a focus on the products because of how the lighting is incorporated into the top of plinth which frames the items on top.

Backlight illumination

A great and easy way to illuminate products is using backlighting, this creates an increased contrast between the display and product which in turn gravitates customers eyes to your product. Backlighting can add ambience to your display by creating a glow around the items displayed when facing the customer enhancing the products image. Our soft signage displays use backlighting to achieve the same effect on stretched fabric, a great way to deliver information professionally yet still incredibly eye-catching.

Base illumination

Our final lighting tip is using the surface which your product will sit above, applying light to the base of the product can make a display have more atmosphere make items look more grand than they would without light. Our illuminated bottle plinth takes advantage of feature bottles of wines and spirits by shining light through the bottom of the bottle which can enhance the products design and with a custom base it’s easy to create a fully professional bottle display.

From the initial brief we selected a few standard products to show to the people at Wine of the Month. They were set on the design of the illuminated bottle plinth as soon as they saw the standard display unit making the design process very smooth. With this information we went through some visual options on the printing for the unit before agreeing on the final design.

The final solution consisted of an black acrylic bottle display, resistant to spillages and with enough room to comfortably fit four bottles. With the professional LEDs within the display unit we could illuminate the bases of the bottles, creating ambience, giving the unit presence and great visibility in the dark.

The final unit fit the brief perfectly and the team at Wine of the Month were incredibly happy with the outcome of the display, giving us positive feedback on the whole process.

At Luminati we have a wide range of standard products and almost unlimited potential with our Display Design Service. For more information check out our website or give our friendly sales team a call at 01752 698720

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