LED Lighting

We often work with LED lighting in our designs due to the distinct benefits this type of lighting offers.  From dramatically reduced energy consumption to the many different colour options available they’re brilliant, versatile products.  Did you know that unlike  traditional incadesent or halogen lbulbs, LED’s are available a warm white or a cool white colour option? In the majority of our designs, you can specify which option you would like.  Here’s some more detailed information to help you make the choice:-

“With LED bulbs there are usually two options of white colour available and they are normally referred to as warm white or cool white. Warm white is usually around 3000K and cool white around 5000-6000K. When choosing your bulbs you should check the Kelvin value of the bulb.

In domestic lighting, 75 – 80% of customers buy warm white LED bulbs as they offer the closest match to their old incandescent or halogen bulbs that they are replacing. The light given off by a warm white LED bulb can be described as soft and warm with a slight yellow hint to it.

Some customers purchase cool white LED bulbs if they want the brightest light possible or if they want to achieve a modern look to a room. This particularly suits colour schemes that are bright and bold and use primary colours, or even colour schemes that are predominantly white where a clean minimal look is required.

It’s also possible to use both warm and cool white bulbs in the same room on different switches to give different options on how the room will look. For example in a kitchen you may want warm white bulbs in the ceiling for everyday use but also have under unit lighting in cool white in order to give a very different effect at night once the main lights are off.

In commercial lighting the majority of customers opt for cool white bulbs. These give a brighter light but you should be careful to ensure that the colour temperature is not too high, or in practical terms the light not too cool, otherwise the effect may seem very harsh or displeasing to the eye.”