Look But Don’t Touch

The ongoing pandemic continues to throw up new challenges for us all. Some more serious than others but challenges all the same.

As our high street opens up we still need to display products and allow customers to see before they buy.

But we do love to touch and in some cases, we can’t help but pick up a product for a good inspection. Fine under normal circumstances but with the need for all things to be sanitised in between human interaction how do we manage this?

In many cases, the simple answer will be to cover up so we can still look but we can’t touch.

Introducing the good old display case and cover! A mainstay in retail environments for many years but normally one that would be used to reduce pilfering opportunities rather than to reduce product interaction.

Depending on what type of environment your product is to be displayed in, you may want to consider what type of display case or cover you employ.

Acrylic is a good option with great clarity and is relatively lightweight. PETG and polycarbonate provide the same level of clarity as acrylic but offer the additional benefit for a much more robust construction and one that will not break if it is dropped.

Security is a secondary consideration with both simple and more complex options.

A simple security screw does the trick in many cases with the special star-shaped screwdriver kept behind the counter. On the other side of the scale, many brands, particularly consumer electronics brands, employ the use of powered security tethers that not only set of a very high pitch alarm if broken but also can power electronic displays and products at the same time.

Display cases and covers can work seamlessly with branded countertop displays, free-standing displays and merchandising plinths.