Soundbar and Playbar Risers

Soundbar sand Playbars have revolutionised TV speakers in the last few months and after hearing some examples it is clear why.

With ever thinner and sleeker TV’s the options for audio were in danger of looking like afterthoughts but the slim bar of speakers that sits just under the screen is a great and stylish solution.  With Bluetooth and wireless set ups keeping the integration neat and clean and with multiple HDMI ins for the inclusion of games consoles the trailing of cables around the skirting boards is a distant memory.

Of course there are several soundbars on the market but one which is making waves is the Playbar by our friends at SONOS.  The wireless Playbar contains nine separate speakers and a built in subwoofer.  This sound bar is designed for the 37 inch and larger screen setups and integrates with existing SONOS multi room products.

We have been working on a number of Soundbar and Playbar risers and our designer stands not only enhance the modern , clean looks associated with this type of audio visual set up but also solve a very important problem with many high tech screens.  Unless wall mounted, there is often very little rise on many TV’s base which has not been a problem for Game Stations and Xbox consoles as they can be located to the side of the screen itself.  However, the sound bar needs to sit comfortable under the screen for optimum sound quality and directional impact.

Our standard risers allow the TV to sit above the sound bar but is specifically designed to compliment and enhance the placement of the soundbar.

With all the major players, such as Bose, Panasonic, Samsung and Yamaha, bringing so unbar and play bars to the market we are pleased to be able to offer a full custom service so that the sound and audio system you choose can be housed in a specially designed riser which is tailor made for you.

The most common requests for sound bar and Playbar risers are in clear acrylic, gloss black and white with an increasing number of mat finishes.  We are looking forward to a rush on brighter coloured and textured finishes as predicted in many of the contemporary design houses, who suggest that this type of riser will become an iconic and aspirational piece of furniture on which to display your chosen sound system.

Whilst we have several standard versions available if you are looking for a unique riser design of dimension we would be happy to hear from you.