The Undercover Success Story

Luminati has worked very closely with the NHS for a number of years, working on various bespoke projects, including the renowned Patient Pump Bridge®. More recently, we have started working alongside the Peninsula Heart Clinic (PHC), a relatively new independent sector facility working in partnership with Derriford Hospital, built and operated by Regent’s Park Healthcare (RPH). RPH are the UK’s leading managed cardiology services company:

With the current COVID-19 crisis sweeping the globe, The Peninsula Heart Clinic made contact with us regarding a design we had been looking at in the background with them several months previously.  The design was an innovative patient transportation device designed to offer protection to the patient, equipment and staff whilst undergoing transportation to and from a remote clinic, and potentially to and from the hospital Helipad.

It was quickly identified that this conceptual design would be a fantastic asset to those working at the front line of the COVID-19 crisis.  The Peninsula Heart Clinic got in touch with our team to express their urgent requirement for a prototype of this design.

After discussions between the PHC and Luminati’s dedicated project manager, we quickly got our team together to run through the design and manufacturing process. From this we were able to provide them with a clear timeline from drawing to approval.

By detailing and agreeing to such a strict schedule we were able to produce a test frame, to ensure the sizing was correct, and then a fully functional cover inside of a week!

This could not have been done without having such a skilled and responsive team to call upon. To be able to produce something so bespoke and functional for a topic that is so important to everyone in the world right now is testament to the team here at Luminati as well as the excellent clinical input from the staff at PHC.

The product itself is designed to retro fit onto the trolley and hang on the wall when not in use. It offers protection to the patient and staff by enclosing the patient in a clear “tunnel”, in order to make it fit for a hospital environment we used FDA approved materials.

We are extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication from all of our NHS workers in these unprecedented times, and are pleased to be able to offer a product that we hope offers additional protection to both staff and patients against the fight against COVID-19, and all other types of possible cross contamination.

This creative concept is brand new to the market and completely unique to Luminati.

As with our standard bespoke design service, we presented 3D realistic renders to our client in order for them to be able to visualise the design before it went to manufacture, which can be seen in the attached images.

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