TV Risers and Sound Bar Stands

TV Risers are a great solution when you need to find a place for your new sound bar or TV boxes.

The TV riser provides just enough room to position your new accessories beneath your screen and keep everything neat and tidy.

At Luminati we have a range of products suitable for small screens right through to supports and stands for the larger flat screen TVs.

The LP05 is ideal for small screens whilst the LP84 provides greater support for larger screens.

The LP73 has been designed to house TV sound bars and, as with all the risers, is open at the rear to help with cable management.

We also offer solid riser blocks to raise the height of even the heaviest screen, just enough to be able to position your sound bar in front without obscuring the necessary remote control sensors.

Many different standard size options are available but they can be customised if required.

The TV risers are available in clear, gloss black and gloss white acrylic.