1. Online features come in-store

    We’ve all done it… cosied into our favourite corner of the sofa armed with a hot mug of tea, determined to get all our shopping done online without having to lift more than a finger!  With a 23% year on year growth, e-commerce is a huge part of the retail market.  The simplicity of online purchasing does come with drawbacks though, like the times we order our entire winter wardrobe to discover only 40% of the clothes we ordered fit!  Some of the latest digital advertising screens are bridging the gap between high street retailers and the ease of their online platforms by bringing both together in a fantastic in-store experience.


    A great example of this is the Mirrored Digital Touch Screen.  A fantastic looking screen with all the great benefits of a digital advertising screen, but with a stunning mirror front.  These screens are extremely popular in fashion retailers.  Dotted around the store, they allow customers to use them as a standard mirror to view their clothing, but can then encourage fantastic cross sell by allowing the customer to click through their entire range of clothing as easily as they can on their tablet at home.


    Each screen can be completely tailored to the retailer and can show anything from a pre-designed template, a set of advertising messages (New Spring Fashion Lines – in store today), or even display the retailers web page.  The screen can be pre-set to allow customers to browse the range and make their clothing selection, which can be sent to a staff member to have ready for the customer at the changing room!


    One of the other fantastic benefits of these screens is the ability to centrally control any number of screens from one set location.  For example, if you have a chain of 50 retail stores each with a selection of screens on display, every screen can be linked to a network and all content can be controlled from one central location, allowing great marketing content control, and ensuring all your advertising and marketing messages are co-ordinated and on-brand.




    1. Video Walls

    Gone are the days of large, chunky video walls with poor quality displays and matrix software that takes hours to decipher! There are some fantastic video wall screens on the market now featuring super narrow bezels which create almost seamless video walls.  Our video wall displays come with specialist matrix software making the set up process quicker and easier than ever. Some high street retailers are already embracing the beauty and simplicity of these displays by covering their entire store window displays in video walls which have incredible impact.


    Be prepared to see many more, and much larger video walls in 2018.




    1. Interaction

    Retail as a whole has seen a huge rise in interactivity between stores and customers.  Digital advertising screens are creating the perfect platform for some great customer interaction which doesn’t just make the shopping process easier, but creates an exciting atmosphere around the brand! With so many different applications, digital screens aren’t only benefitting retailers, they’re also providing a great customer experience when used as wayfinding or information hubs.


    Touch screens have moved on from the simple touch and click format, and now offer impressive 10 Point PCAP which can track up to 10 touch points simultaneously.  This makes the screens extremely responsive and allows customers to use both hands when interacting with the screen and using both hands to zoom in and out of pictures and more.


    An amazing brand new development of digital touch screens is the ability for them to be used as interactive window displays.  Customers can view and interact with the screens whilst standing outside a shop on the other side of the glass to the screen!


    Interactive digital screens will see huge benefits for individual retailers, shopping malls, museums, showrooms, galleries, local councils and more.





    1. Ultra High Brightness

    Some screens of the past have struggled to keep their brightness and visibility when used in a sunny area or brightly lit showroom environments.  Lighting in retail environments is key for retail interior designers and bright, LED displays are becoming increasingly popular.  Lighting has a direct influence on our mood, and 80% of the sensory information that our brain receives comes from our eyes.


    Internal lighting isn’t the only consideration when selecting a digital screen.  The popularity of using digital screens in window displays has risen not just in the retail market, but particularly in the housing sector with many estate agents turning to digital displays.


    With this in mind, the brightness of Digital Advertising Displays is extremely important and must be able to compete with bright environmental lighting and direct sunlight. Our Ultra High Brightness displays feature a screen brightness of 2,500cd/m2 – to put this into context, a standard screen brightness is a mere 400cd/m2!  These screens are perfect for use in sunlight and other bright conditions and can still be easily viewed.




    1. Digital Customer Service

    The future of customer service is changing with the integration of digital screens performing the customer service role a member of staff would have performed in the past.  A great example of this is the use of digital screens for food ordering which has been successfully rolled out  in one of the major fast food outlets.  This use of digital screens to serve customers of this nature has been extremely successful.  It has streamlined the ordering process and modernised the customer experience dramatically.


    Whilst digital screens can’t and shouldn’t replace the human experience, there are many situations like the above that they really play a great part in modern retail – expect to see many more!