With the ever advancement of digital technology, the longer  technology is left out of your visual merchandising strategy, the more you have to lose as a business. There's no surprise that technology over the years has freshened up each industry, with the ability to portray bigger and better ideas to the public. It's never been so easy to capture the attention of a potential consumer through visual merchandising, and the good news is it's here to stay. So to help you keep ahead of the competition we have put together some of our top tips on how you can incorporate technology into visual merchandising.

Floor Standing Ipad Stand

Whether you're in a restaurant, a car show room or at a restaurant, more times than not you'll find that there will be a use of an iPad in your business for some purpose. Not only are iPads accessible for the majority, they are a great way to catch attention, create discussions and gather data. A floor standing iPad stand is a fantastic way to incorporate it into your visual merchandising strategy, it's perfect for use in exhibitions, lobby areas and showrooms and it allows the public to view a portfolio, your products or anything at their leisure, and without any pressure.

Bespoke Multimedia Displays

Attract attention like never before with a bespoke multimedia display. These are custom made to order so you can ensure that every part of your brand is portrayed to the customer in the way that you desire, branding of corporate logos can be included, as well as any other printing that you need applying. Multimedia displays are a new revolution that are exciting, eye catching and robust.

Freestanding Multi Touch Screen

Inspire, attract and obtain your customers easily through the use of technology with this design led free-standing multi touch screen. The 50 or 55 inch screen becomes your computer screen, and the touch capability replaces the mouse. Fitted with a commercial grade panel with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this will fulfil all your visual merchandising needs for months to come, as well as being fantastic for use at trade shows, with the ability to get all your customers involved in your brand.

Wall Mounted Multi Touch Screen

If you still want to incorporate technology into your visual merchandising in some way, but are on a budget, a wall mounted multi touch screen is a great starting point that is fantastic for displaying and allowing users to interact with your website, images and content. Putting customers at the forefront of your brand makes them feel more valued, and it shows that as a business you are up to date with technology and can offer something a bit more than a few bits of information on a piece of paper.

Meet and Greet Station

Greet your customers in a state of the art way with our Meet and Greet station. A perfect way for greeting new and existing customers, these are ideal for greeting customers in a retail space, at exhibitions or conferences when perhaps there may not be any staff present to start with. These stations can be custom made to suit your requirements, but they can be designed with a built in digital advertising screen, which has the option of being a touch screen. The stand can also hold materials and advertising posters to fit in with your visual merchandising strategy.

Whilst paper advertising and conventional posters are still used, digital technology is constantly changing, and in a few years time it may be completely phased out all together. Don't let your business get left behind, and keep up with the new trends of digital technology and incorporate it into your visual merchandising today. Whatever your industry, everyone could benefit from technology to help excite, attract and engage customers like never before! Don't forget to check out our full range of multimedia displays to see what else we can offer! Look out for our future blog posts on our Facebook page, twitter and Google +!