Since the start of the business 14 years ago, Luminati is unparalleled in its drive to achieve and innovate as a business and manufacturer. The commitment from its Directors and staff has lead to consistent growth over the last 14 years which has created one of the leading businesses in its field.

Over the next 12 months Luminati will continue to develop and reinvest in capital equipment that may include new automated line bending, laser capacity, routing, 3D polystyrene Cad Cam cutting to name but a few.

To support and nurture this growth, Steve Senior, one of the previous Managing Directors will be taking on the new role of CEO of the group of companies, allowing a closer look into the strategy, processes and investments of the group of businesses. This exciting development also creates a new position for the previous General Manager of the business, Stuart Oldroyd, who will now take on the role of Managing Director.

The new roles create an incredibly strong, diverse and talented management team, working together for the future of the businesses to ensure the group continues, and surpasses its already impressive rate of growth and development.

Luminati are excited to enter into this new chapter in the business.

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