With a rising global awareness of climate change, consumers are becoming more conscious of choosing environmentally friendly solutions in their everyday lives. This can be seen in the surge of electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads to the increased popularity of recycled straws. At the forefront of sustainable design and conscientious manufacture is TOTM, a business that produces a range of 100% organic, cruelty-free and biodegradable sanitary products and accessories.

When TOTM approached us with their brief to create a solution to dispense their range of products, we had to ensure their business ethos was reflected in the materials that were used, making sure they were sustainably sourced, robust and could withstand a wet room environment.

The material we chose to use was Green Cast™, a premium quality cast acrylic that looks, performs, fabricates and lasts as long as standard acrylics. Green Cast™ was the perfect solution as it only uses recycled acrylic from Germany and Italy, therefore it has a low carbon footprint and there is less energy used in manufacturing. Green Cast™ also reduces the need for landfill because of the 100% recyclable material, scrap can be returned and manufactured into new sheets.

The final solution, made completely of Green Cast™, consisted of 3 clear boxes with engraving showing the 100% recycled acrylic. The boxes had keyholes cut into the rear of the unit for fixing the product to the wall and a cut in the base of the boxes to help changing the products out when empty.

TOTM are driving to change attitudes towards menstrual health, they believe in transparency and making a difference. Providing more natural and sustainable period care whilst exposing the truth about mainstream tampons and creating a new standard for menstrual health care. Head on over to their website if you’d like to know more and view their products: https://www.totm.com/story/

We frequently use Green Cast™  acrylic in our manufacturing, and our environmentally friendly materials don’t end there. We often work with wood, recycled ACM, Bamboo and many other environmentally conscious materials.