With the World Cup in full motion, showing your support for your country is an ever-growing passion for many of us. No matter what side you’re on, the World Cup unites people from all around the globe. At Luminati, we give you the opportunity to show your support with a large range of displays. Our bespoke service gives you flexibility when wanting to create unique product displays within a custom space. When ordering certain POS products online, there is no guarantee that they will slot into your space. With our bespoke design service, all of our products can be perfectly fitted to your surroundings, making the process almost effortless.

Now the World Cup has kicked off, we’ve put together a few items that will help enhance your support for your nation! Being able to change and personalise a football kit display, will give you the opportunity to rotate players jerseys. The inner design of the cabinet is in the slat wall style, allowing for the t-shirts to be changed easily. This is useful especially with the unpredictability of the world cup. With players under-performing and getting injured, being able to swiftly change the kit on display, will make sure you’re always on the winning side. This display can act as a private memorabilia stand or a merchandising cabinet. Our bespoke service can specially design this for any room, making it the perfect focal point for any wall.

A football display case can help create an attractive centrepiece for all football fans. This specialised display case helps protect and enhance your memorabilia and offer a key feature to any shop floor. Treasured items need to be protected and displayed, utilising the highest quality acrylic, these football display units are ideal for specialist museums and personal collections. Placing your display within an array of footballing items will help enhance the footballing feel, making it an ideal item for creating a World Cup room or setting centralised around the competition.

Using a Live Sports TV Screen Sign can give straightforward information on the game and time, which can act as a fundamental way to bring people into your premises. Supplied with strong double-sided tape to reverse, it's quick and easy to fit and requires no drilling or screwing into surfaces. ‘Live football’ is a statement that can entice a multitude of football fans and highlighting the game/time is an opportunity that cannot be missed, as Sporting events and drinking sales are in complete correlation. Running a bar or restaurant and presenting live sport can see an uplift in sales. The Euro 2016 Football tournament saw Beer sales soar in the UK as Britons drunk 31 million more pints than usual. Statistics suggest that in World sporting events, more people use bars and restaurants to view the Sport within a collective and friendly environment. This proves that presenting the showing of certain fixtures can have positive effects on your business.

The World Cup can bring all people together and enhancing your viewing area will help create a great atmosphere for the duration of the competition. Luminati bring concepts to reality and crafting your perfect setting is made easier with our tailored design service, helping make your World Cup experience unforgettable.

At Luminati, we specialise in the design and manufacture of a broad range of retail POS displays, designed around your exact requirements.  We are experts in anything retail and produce incredible printed displays, supply fantastic digital advertising screens and kiosks, create stunning plinths and playtables, and can tailor any design to your requirements from size, shape, functionality and illumination.