With temperatures rising and no signs of it slowing down, more people are making the most of the warmer weather conditions. With consumers being outside more often, they will be less inclined to use businesses that include inside activities. This prohibits sales and with no outside marketing tools being utilised, many companies such as cinemas, arcades and internally based restaurants may struggle. Outdoor marketing is usually called OOH or “out of home.” This underlines marketing that is done out of office and is normally associated with Physical boards and displays. These marketing devices make up 65% of all OOH activities. Traditional outdoor marketing tools have been revitalised within recent years and with new advancing technologies appearing, unique marketing ideas are also emerging.

Interactive displays have had a surge in popularity this decade, especially with breakthroughs in electronics. These displays can be used in a multitude of ways such as receptionist replacement and service optimisation. These systems can help increase the speed of any service and can also be used to reinforce brand identity. Over 40 per cent of consumers state that digital displays can change what they buy because relevant information is served close to the point of purchase. Using displays will raise awareness around your brand and with an increase people outside, using different types of signage can help bolster sales. Digital marketing isn’t always the best way to display your business, especially in outdoor conditions. LED interactive displays are only suitable for people who have time to notice and use them. A bright eye-catching LED display that boldly promotes your services is a great way to trigger a consumer’s thoughts about your business and past experiences. Despite this, if you’re driving on a hot day and you’re looking for somewhere to eat, a standard sign that highlights food service, will also more than likely entice customers. These types of displays can also simplify the experience as many people will quickly glance at a message and not always absorb the aim of your campaign. Both types of displays show potential positive and negative factors. Finding the right solution for your business is critical, especially when the hot weather can make it exceedingly hard to capture attention and bring customers inside your establishment.

Practical devices for outside environments can also simplify and improve your business. Outdoor brochure displays and Dump bins offer a functional solution for magazines or newspapers being placed externally. These products can help hold printed materials, whilst also promoting your brand. They can be uniquely designed for your company, with colour and branding implementation offered through our bespoke service. Partnering this with a near-by outdoor notice board, allows customers to read about products and news through printed content, which helps advance brand awareness. Allowing the opportunity for passers-by to pick up a magazine will help increase interaction especially when customers are mainly outside in the sun. Made with quality weatherproof materials and clear acrylic lids that protects inside literature, our outdoor range is designed for all conditions, even when the heatwave passes.

Luminati have a plethora of outdoor marketing tools, that will help leave lasting impressions on consumers. Making sure you’re rotating campaigns on both physical and digital signage is important when trying to keep refreshing content in front of passers-by. Traditional displays can lose their appeal through fading and peeling, which changes their colour and this lack of care can reflect poorly on your brand. At Luminati, we have a bespoke design service that can create signs for outdoor marketing, completely custom to your needs. These signs can be created through numerous amounts of quality materials, helping avoid fading and eventual replacement. Avoiding replacement all together can be achieved through our Digital and Interactive display stands. The standard LED bulbs last 100,000 hours, translating to eleven years or more. This makes chances of your ad suffering from any rundown appearance almost impossible. Thus, highlighting the product as a long-lasting solution for outdoor marketing. Different types of displays offer different solutions and finding the right one for your business will help increase traffic to your business, especially when temperatures are rising.

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