How exactly do you stand out from the crowd when the crowd is getting bigger, more diverse and a little more boisterous?! Follow Luminati Waycon Ltd’s top tips to create a retail merchandising display system that will put the others to shame (what others?!)


  1. Encourage Interaction

We’re curious creatures and love a novelty or something a little unusual that sparks our interest.  Encourage people to get involved in your product display with the use of multimedia such as interactive screens or tablet devices that show your product in use.  Another great idea is to offer NFC communication, or QR code connectivity so people can link up and grab your details directly on their mobiles.  This is also a great way for data capture. If you’re product is an electronic one, how about allowing customers to control volume levels or change functions with built in hot keys on the display?


  1. Inspire a call to action

Don’t leave your potential customers gazing vacantly at your product whilst deciding what they’re having for their dinner – snap them out of it with a call to action they cannot resist!    A retail merchandiser is a highly effective advertising tool and the call to action a simple goal.


  1. Use your sense… all 5 of them!

Why stop at sight and sound?

Touch is the perfect way to get people to really connect with your product and brand so make it accessible.  Alternatively, securing it away under lock and key will immediately give the product a high perceived value.

Smell is closely linked to emotion, and believe it or not there is an entire science dedicated to “scent marketing”.

Taste if you’re product is a consumable, what better way to encourage sales than to allow testing?  It’s the equivalent of trying on a pair of jeans before purchase.


  1. Don’t lose your identity

Embracing all that’s on offer from digital printing to multimedia display systems is great, but don’t go overboard.  Simplicity is key, especially when your main attraction should be the product you’re promoting, not the display unit it’s housed on.  Keep your brand guidelines a top priority and ensure the retail merchandising unit perfectly reflects your brand identity and ties in neatly with the product on display.


  1. Keep it real!

Don’t just sell the product, sell the “lifestyle” it creates.  The feeling it evokes when being used to the looks of admiration from customers peers, sell the complete package.


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