Business open events can be daunting. Having to network with hundreds of people within a small space of time, can make these events extremely intimidating for companies. Trying to present your business professionally and obtaining clients, can make the environment extremely high pressured. So, what are the solutions? We’ve put together a few ideas to help you stand out from the crowd with minimal effort.

Firstly, trying to make sure your stand is perfectly tailored to your brand isn’t practical, as product and ranges are constantly adapting. Also, getting a large display to and from the open events (which can be located hours away from your businesses) isn’t time efficient. So instead of getting up early and setting up a complicated booth to try to entice consumers and business owners alike, why not simply slot together a flatly packed stand! These strategically made stands bring practicality to any event. With a quick set up time and surprisingly strong design, these stands help you concentrate on networking and not configuring complex displays. Exhibition stands are meant to stand out and with Luminati’s bespoke design service, we can tailor make any display units to suit your brand and add practicality to any open business event.

Wanting to draw-in attention to a particular product? Retail display cubes can help you outline the importance of a particular commodity through an eye-catching display. Available in 43 and 73cm sizes, these products are easy to move and offer a practical solution to engaging customers to a unique product. The illuminated cubes can hold all types of items such as bags, shoes, clothing or household goods, making the item inside a centrepiece for your display stand. Using multiple cubes will bring an appealing glow to your business, whilst also maintaining a professional image that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on passers-by. Engagement is important in all open events, and utilising focal point displays to enhance distinct commodities is a great way to project new or best-selling items.

Sometimes, large flashy display units aren’t always practical, and many businesses find themselves wanting a clean corporate look that reflects who they are simply, without breaking the bank. Sleek and sharp light displays can help win the attention of customers looking for your services. Pairing a vibrant stand with your branding will help emphasize your business to a multitude of potential clients. Your company relies on powerful branding to establish who you are and what you do and having stand branding tools like illuminated branding blocks at business open events, can increase your chances of getting recognised. Made with white frosted acrylic for optimum illumination, our triangular shaped retail display block helps display your brand perfectly. This offers a practical and easy to use solution to lack of attractive branding within any setting, without having the costly implications of large illuminated signs.

No matter how prepared you are for open events the rush of customers can cause mania for any company. But having some practical solutions in-place that help you set up swiftly set-up and display the professional nature of your business, is a solution all companies should consider.

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