Finally, it appears that our seemingly endless summer of 2018 is slowly coming to a close. The winter evenings are drawing in and soon we’ll be back to that all too familiar feeling of stumbling through the darkness in the morning, and preparing dinner against a dark wintry sky.  It’s not all bad news though – it does mean that the festive period is slowly approaching (it’s still October, so we can’t mention It yet!), and those dark nights can be beautifully accompanied with a warming hot chocolate and twinkling fairy lights! It’s a busy time of year in the retail calendar, starting off with ghosts and ghouls filling our retail spaces, and culminating in the ever more imaginative festive window displays, all more incredible than the previous.


One of the biggest questions we get asked when designing retail window displays is “how should I illuminate my display?”.  Having designed some of the most prestigious high street shop window displays, for some of the biggest brands in the world, we have great experience in knowing what works.  Window illumination, and using illumination as a whole in retail is incredibly important – you want to be able to create a big impact display, without actually detracting from the items you want to promote.  All this comes down to product positioning and lighting.


Luminati offer a range of retail illumination from product displays, plinths and beautiful retail cabinets right through to custom built systems including stretch fabric illumination and lightboxes.  We specialise in designing and manufacturing displays built exactly to suit the purpose intended – if your window sits in direct sunlight, or under a strong street lamp at night, our display with cater for this. Likewise if you have a beautiful little shop on a dark cobbled street, we will work on creating fantastic illumination to draw the crowds in.


Whatever your retail illumination requirement our highly skilled team of experts is on hand to recommend, advise, design and manufacture your perfect retail display.  Now, what are you waiting for?  Get in touch today 01752 698720