Retailers are constantly trying to find new ways to display their brand effectively and lighting has become a favourable way to boost the visual engagement of consumers.

Light displays can change any retails space and companies are starting to see them as a real investment instead of a cost, as it generates sales and this is apparent within a recent study by Lux, a research corporation. Lux suggested that that increasing lighting can help guide customers through the shop and extend the length of a customer’s stay. A German retail store claims that there was a 12 percent increase in sales compared to another local store, “after it(they) installed a new lighting scheme specially designed to appeal to the personality profile of its target customer”. Lighting displays allow you to engage consumers through minimal alternations and at Luminati, we are professionals in making precise and bespoke products that allow you to represent your business in a multitude of ways. A particular product that can light up your store is our selection of illuminated light boxes.

We offer a range of lighting to decorate your retail setting and illuminated boxes can be visually engaging and informational. This includes fabricated, slimline, suspended and printed light boxes which help display your message no matter the industry or space for your retail setting. But what if my retail setting changes? Shop displays change constantly, with new trends and seasons forever approaching, having a set retail display for all of your store's purposes is next to impossible. Thankfully, our lightboxes are completely interchangeable and the text you display one week can be something completely different the next. These lightboxes combine beauty and functionality at a great price.

Maximising your retail strategy can have multiple benefits for any company, and tailoring your lighting display for customers can have a clear impact. Using light to create warmer colour temperatures is considered favourable for retail sales. Different colours can represent different meaning and cooler colours denote spaciousness settings and warm colours create a sense of familiarity. Depending on your company type and the industry you’re within, utilising colours to present ideas in your retail space, can be a useful tool.

Also, pinpointing and accent lighting may increase sales. Having a specific spotlight on an item will increase its sales, as it will act as a focal point for your display and gives the product an esteemed presence within the setting. Also using a lightbox to depict the products name and draw attention to its value, can help increase awareness and sales of particular stock.

Our team at Luminati are quick to jump on trends and our products are developed around new and upcoming industry innovation. This is exemplified by the fierce competition retail stores face with advancing technologies. Using light to create multiple dynamic spaces will craft your store into separate destinations, allowing your visitors to explore your retail space. Having lightboxes hanging from the ceiling in selected areas will help customer clarification on the section they are in and also acts as an eye-catching part of any retail area.

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