At Luminati, we are always trying to bring out the best in our team members and pushing our employees to succeed within the industry, is a key point of our interest. An example of this can be seen with one of our apprentices Charlotte John, achieving her Advanced Diploma in Accounting level 3. This qualification helped Charlotte master complex accounting disciplines such as financial processes, and advanced bookkeeping. These skills will help manage our organisations financial controls and define accountability which helps analyse assets and track expenditures. Other attributes include final accounts, indirect tax and ethical practices which helps give an overall scope of the work within accountancy. This has helped develop Charlotte into a valuable member of our team, which she can now use to help further her career.

She now hopes to go onto a level 4 apprenticeship which is the equivalent to a professional diploma in Accounting and achieve a MAAT status. This will give her an internationally recognised position in accounting and finance. It helps demonstrate a high standard of accountancy knowledge whilst proving a standard of education. This also includes a commitment to the development of skills and keeping your knowledge relevant to changes in accounting.

We are very happy with the progress we see within our employees and we aim to push our team further to improve their skills and grow their experience within the industry. We want to congratulate Charlotte on achieving her Level 3 qualification and are looking forward to helping her accomplish her level 4 apprenticeship.