Back in February 2016 Luminati Ltd (as we were known at the time) acquired our second manufacturing facility based in Weymouth, Dorset.

This strategic move was to allow us to bring our print services in house as they were previously outsourced.

At the time of taking on the new venture, the facility was running at around 10% utilisation, despite having a fantastic team in place with some of the best machinery in the industry.

Roll the clock forward to February 2019 and we find ourselves having to consider adding a considerable second storey to the building to ensure that we can keep up with the demands of our customers for print and print finishing services.

With our core market being Retail POS Display design and manufacture, print finishing is one of the many services we offer to our extensive client base. Our custom design and manufacture service is complimented with over 5000 standard products available to buy on our website, and almost each and every one of these can be printed with the customers brand, logo, message or colour matched to their corporate identity – so print is a huge part of what we do.

Standing out from the crowd is a huge part of being able to create successful retail displays, so adding custom print to our retail merchandisers, consumer electronic displays, CDU’s and FSDU’s is a massive benefit. 
This state of the art facility holds an armoury of machines including large format flatbed digital printing, wide format roll fed digital printing, roll fed lamination, digital cutting and large format laser cutting.

(One of the keys to success at the facility in Weymouth is the first class team. The team are lead by Richard Williams, a man who has extensive print and print finish experience and has bucket loads of energy and passion for what he does. The shop floor team, headed up by Laura Argent, are a mix of experience, energy and lots of personality.

Being the designers, manufacturers, and printers means that every process is completed in-house, allowing us to have complete control over the entire manufacturing process ensuring our quality is second to none

We are very excited about the future for all three of our facilities.