Top tips for organisations to prepare for the new normal

We’ve seen a lot of businesses come to us in the recent weeks who are using this time to make improvements, from stores looking for new and engaging retail display systems and entire store layout changes, to factories preparing additional safety measures such as sneeze screens for reception areas, floor vinyl’s for social distancing, and the introduction of sanitising stations.

When the time does come for the country to return to some new sense of normality and businesses can once again open their doors, attracting customers is going to be more important than ever before.

With such a diverse range of products for retail stores, businesses, universities, schools, offices and warehouses, we’ve put together some top tips for organisations to prepare for the new normal” below.

When the country begins to lift restrictions and daily life resumes, the one certainty is that it won’t be going back to the “normal” we are all familiar with.  It’s likely that lifting restrictions will be a slow and staged process, and keeping staff and customers safe is going to remain a top priority.  It’s likely social distancing measures will remain for some time, so re-arranging our spaces to allow for this will be paramount.

For customer-facing staff and back-office staff alike social distancing is not always practical, a good first step in these situations to reduce the spread of germs from coughing and sneezing is our facial shield – we have supplied these to various walks of life from bus drivers and delivery drivers – to factory workers – to nurses. They are a great universal solution to help stop the spread of germs.

Another great option are our range of hygienic sneeze guards.  These are frequently being placed around reception areas, shop counters, GP surgeries and any welcome station where a business or organisation speaks with the public. Our range of screens are adaptable to almost any situation and can be a permanent or temporary solution, we are currently working on a bespoke project for a well-known perfume brand to ensure that their production line workers remain safe using bespoke screens.

To add further protection to staff, customers and the general public, we have created an innovative hands-free door opener which can be operated with a foot or walking stick.  This creative design allows for doors to be opened or closed with a foot, without the need to use your hands.  A great way to prevent germs from spreading on surfaces and to people. To avoid having to use the door handle to unlatch the door, we have created a magnetic plate which can be temporarily placed over the striker plate on the door frame to prevent the latch from engaging. This can be easily removed at any point. This comes as a full kit and is perfect for many different types of doors.

With time on our hands at the moment, it’s a great opportunity to make the most of the downtime and freshen up.  If you have a retail store, why not reconfigure your store layout to make it work better for social distancing?  You can do a review of your product displays and freshen up the way you display your items so that when customers come back, they are greeted with a fresh new look and with product displays that really highlight your range.  We have a huge variety of options available to help with this, and we can design and manufacture a display to your exact requirements, making it fit with the space and brand perfectly.

This approach doesn’t just apply to retail stores.  Museums and galleries can take the opportunity to create new gallery spaces and move exhibits to different locations.  Our range of display cabinets are extremely popular for use in these settings and offer excellent display options for even the most precious items.  A review of your wayfinding solutions may also offer a chance for you to improve your visitor experience and create a seamless flow throughout your exhibition spaces. And floor-mounted screens may be a good solution for keeping visitors separated in enclosed spaces.

For schools and universities, the adjustment back into school life may be hard for some, so why not take the opportunity to freshen up classroom or lecture spaces, making them as inviting and calming as possible.  We have a huge range of picture frames which can display pupil artwork, tasks for the day or anything to keep the students happy and engaged.  Our staff photo boards are also a great way to introduce the staff to pupils and visitors so they are familiar. You could also make the most of the time by sorting through your school or university club awards and trophies and getting them beautifully displayed for all to see – our trophy cabinets offer a fantastic way to show off all your awards to staff, pupils and visitors alike.

  • Introduce Social Distancing measures & Re-invigorate meeting spaces

Finally, for business offices and warehouses, now could be the time to reformat your seating arrangements to allow for social distancing, or to re-engineer your manufacturing facilities to allow enough space between workers. Why not freshen up your displays and meeting rooms too so when your business meetings are back up and running you have a great meeting space.  From customised meeting room tables to fully equipped digital screens, we have a huge range of solutions which can help.

When the time comes to open our doors again to the public, it’s likely the Highstreet will get a “mini boost”.  People will want to get out of the house and meet friends for coffee and browse the stores.  Alongside refreshing your store displays, it’s also a good opportunity to attract old and new customers to your store.  A great way to do this is to work on your window displays – we have a large range of options for window displays, the most popular being display plinths which are brilliant at creating an entire display area for a range of different items

Another incredibly eye-catching option is our digital screens.  We offer an extensive range of screens including those specially developed to be used in windows that are 5x brighter than a standard screen, meaning they are easily viewed even in windows that are in direct sunlight.  Digital advertising screens can show video content, images and advertisements, and depending on the screen type, you have the opportunity to be able to control what is being shown from a cloud-based system, so complete control over the screen from one central office location.

For further information on any of our products, get in touch today.  Our extensive range of products is available to buy online today, but if you have a specific project in mind we have a dedicated design department who can help every step of the way.

Why not give us a call?  01752 698720

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