We want to encourage more women to take advantage of the opportunities a career in manufacturing has to offer.

We are extremely pleased to introduce Alys, our new Sales Co-ordinator for Luminati.  Alys brings with her some fantastic industry experience along with excellent sales and customer service skills.  We would like to welcome Alys to our team.

Manufacturing is a thriving, exciting and rewarding industry. A career in our industry is about finding solutions, embracing the latest technologies, developing and making the products that end up in hospitals, on kitchen tables and under the bonnet of your car. It offers above average pay, opportunities to quickly climb the rank, the chance to work overseas, and more. Yet in spite of this we still struggle to attract women into our workforce.

According to the latest ONS data the gender split in manufacturing is 76% men and 24% women. As an industry we hope to work to close this gap. From shop-floor to top-floor we want to encourage the recruitment and retention of women in manufacturing.

We are pleased to say that we are higher than average, and are always working to close this gap.