Here is our top 5 pick of the best display systems for schools, councils and universities.


  1. Straight in at the top is one of our bestselling products the staff photo board.  This is a fantastic way to display your staff, governors or team photos for everyone to see.  The boards are available in many different designs and configurations, one of the most popular being the LA97-5 which is available in a choice of colours, sizes and available with name pockets.   The images and names are extremely quick and easy to update and change, simply slot the image or name into the clear acrylic trap.


  1. Assemblies, presentations, lectures and meetings all require a lectern to create a focal point and provide the presenter somewhere to read from and store their presentation assets.  We have a huge range of lecterns available, from straightforward clear acrylic designs, to state of the art professional lecterns with built in multimedia, microphones and digital technology.  All beautifully designed and available with your logo branding printed on, you’re sure to find something perfectly suited to your needs.


  1. Printed dump bins are essential to any marketing campaign requiring the distribution of literature, brochures or product catalogues.  To complement our large range of standard bins to buy off the shelf, we specialise in printed dump bins fully branded with your logo, artwork and any other information.  The key to a successful marketing campaign is a co-ordinated approach, so tie everything together and encourage the collection of your literature with our completely customised printed dump bins.

Perfect for school prospectuses, business literature, product catalogues, free magazines and newspapers, and much more!


  1. Table top lecterns are a great alternative to the full size floor standing option if you need to regularly move, or store the item.  Simply place the lectern onto any table top or plinth and use as a presentation area.  These are also great for children and young adults as they can be placed on any height table allowing for a versatile presentation area.


  1. Last, but by no means least is our huge range of display cabinets!  For schools and universities, we have some fantastic cabinets which are great for trophy, shield and award displays; these are incredibly popular for reception areas where all the school teams achievements can be displayed beautifully in the perfect area for staff, student, parents and the like to admire.

If you have any custom design requirements or would like to discuss our product range, contact us today 01752 698730,