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Our display cabinets are one of our most popular products as they can be used for a multitude of purposes from displaying models, new products and even food. Made from clear acrylic they offer great visibility of the product, they can be cleaned easily and can be reused for as many different projects as you wish!

Talking of different uses for our display cases, Bob's Vintage Lego got in touch with us recently for a display cabinet that could be used for one of his fantastic creations, the Red Dwarf Lego, ready for exhibition at The Manchester Brick Show on Saturday 3rd September where there will be everything from Lego displays and craft stalls to Lego workshops, it certainly sounds like a fantastic day! As you can see from the above picture our display cabinet has been put to great use to display his fantastic Lego® display.  Extremely pleased with the display case, our customer emailed us this image of their unique design enclosed within the display case, and I’m sure you’ll agree, both look fantastic!

Bob's display is an idea for a potential new Lego set which is based on the cult sci-fri comedy Red Dwarf. We wish Bob the best of luck in making his fantastic creation a reality, you can find more information on this unique project here. If you're looking for a display case for a product launch or something similar, please find our full range of display cases here or get in touch with us directly on

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