Exhibition displays are all about pulling in people to give them an idea of your business and nothing grabs attention like a professional display. A completely unique and custom display we produced for Ametek did exactly this. Working with specific requirements with required specialist metals, shows off our precision and knowledge when working on brand tailored projects. The wooden construction was designed with branding in 3D on the front of the display. This was made from high gloss acrylic, giving the display a visual representation of the professional service Ametek offers.

The custom display features large acrylic tubes which enclose specialist ground metals and at the front of the display, smaller acrylic tubes housing metals are completely removable, making it easier to interact with. These can be passed around for viewing and feature a small magnifying glass, enabling customers to fully examine the product in detail. This highlights the precise nature of our custom products and what we can offer in terms of functionality and bespoke UK Made solutions. The top of the display is also made of high quality, 20mm thick, clear acrylic and delivers an attractive illuminated LED lights from the bottom of the display that gives the stand a sleek finish. These particular designs are a perfect example of the depth of experience and knowledge of Luminati and the precision of our service for bespoke orders.