Everyone loves the feeling of an approaching summer. The weather begins to get warmer and the evenings last longer. These nicer periods in weather can attract higher volumes of consumers on to our streets. Unfortunately, some retail outlets struggle to display their storefronts effectively in the bright summer months. This is because of the natural light reflecting onto shop displays. Finding a suitable product that reduces glaring light effectively and still displays a clear presentation of a product, is an issue retail stores can face.

Fortunately, Luminati has a solution. Our ultra-high brightness digital advertising displays tackle the issue of reflecting light. With a brightness of 1,500 – 2,500 cd/m2 (basically a unit of luminance) they display visuals that are readable in direct sunlight. Standard screens only average around 400 cd/m2 and cannot reflect light as effectively. Luminati solution is far superior allowing high tolerance to radiance, thus meaning it is one of the best options on the market.

When dealing with harsh beams of light, most LCD panels will overheat and blackening will occur. In contrast, our professional monitors utilise high brightness panels that can withstand surface temperatures of up to 110°. This makes them the retailers choice for digital signage. They not only display advertisements perfectly in strong light but also boast a multitude of other features. The monitors have temperature control systems, constant 24/7 usage ability and eco-power timers, which allow you to fully operate and display the screen at your convenience, saving time and money.  Catching a customer’s eye in bright light is made easier with this technology and with a built-in multimedia player, you can pre-set your advert to display at any time.

Environmental saving technology is important at Luminati. These monitors offer eco-power timers which help display your advert in an eco-friendly way. It allows you to assign daily and weekly on and off times for your screen, improving your environmental efficiency. This feature is partnered with an internal air-conditioning system, allowing for 24/7 use, eco-friendly energy consumption and a reliable lifetime.

These super bright digital advertising displays can be orientated in either portrait or landscape, making them perfect for indoor environments that receive a high amount of external daylight, for example, storefront window displays, shopping centres and even airports. Our digital screens are ideal for all types of businesses and they ensure the highest quality of digital advertising, across all months of the year.

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