A simple process, reactive and cost effective professionally handled by account managers through our one stop shop.

Design - Idea Generation

In this initial design phase we sit down with you, listen to what you want, and work out what you need. We'll then select a suitable existing design from our archives and use it as a starting point to create your own unique display.

After the design that will be the foundation for the rest of the project has been decided we'll create a series of sketches customising it to the requirements of your brief. You pick the new design that stands out to you and we take it one step closer to reality.

Develop - 3D Modelling

From the finished sketch of your display we'll produce an accurate model in a computer-aided design (CAD) Program. This allows us to create a virtual version of the end product, viewable from all angles, that can be tweaked to make the design as close to your requirements as possible.

The CAD model allows us to easily hone and develop the design, and reduce costs by eliminating the need for physical prototypes at this stage. Once every detail has been perfected it's a quick process to convert the model for CNC machining.

Create - Prototyping

The next step is to produce a physical prototype of your display, which can be completed within a week of the design being agreed.

This stage is where final tweaks, if any are required, are made and the design is finalised. Often it's about confirmation rather than modification, and the rendered model from the develop stage is usually as close to the finished design as the prototype.

When you're satisfied that the prototype meets your specifications we'll begin the manufacturing process to fulfil your order.

Manufacture - Production

After creating the prototype and finalising the design it's only three weeks until your display is in production. Only the best quality materials are used for manufacturing our displays, so you can rest assured you're getting a product that will not only look good but last as well. We'll also incorporate the best electronic components possible if your design requires it.

As your order is being manufactured we'll rigorously inspect your displays to ensure nothing below our high standard of quality control is shipped.

Delivery - Fulfilment

Once your order has been manufactured we'll take care of delivery. If it's a high volume order we'll efficiently organise everything and work out the logistics, so that it gets to your location for when you need it. We take pride in delivering the highest quality displays on time and to spec.

Luminati believes in overseeing the whole process from start to finish and for more specialised display solutions that require testing or installation we'll take care of that too. Our experience and skill allows us to respond swiftly to customer demands, moving from the design to the manufacture stage in just a few weeks.